6 Cheap Recipe Boxes To Help Save On Your Food Bill


Ela Lopez | Mar 2nd 2022

We all become bored with our normal range of dishes from time to time, but exploring new recipes may be exhausting if you lack inspiration – especially if you lack the requisite cooking abilities.

Fortunately, recipe boxes and food delivery services can help. From introducing you to new culinary delights to trying to provide you with the precise amount of each ingredient you require, it has never been easier to inject some excitement into dinnertime.

Moreover, this convenience comes at affordable prices, and you will frequently save more money with recipe boxes. Besides, as a treat, recipe boxes are a healthier alternative to takeaways, and if you take advantage of the special deals listed below, they may even be cheaper!

#1. HelloFresh:

HelloFresh is among the most renowned recipe box services in the UK, and it is ideal if you are looking to add something new to your repertoire of dishes. HelloFresh's recipe boxes contain the perfect amount of each item, preventing food waste and significantly lowering the amount of labor required for cooking. After all, who is truly knowledgeable about how much pasta to cook? Each week, there are dozens of amazing recipes to choose from, and, as with so many other recipe boxes, you can also modify the choice based on your own personal tastes. Additionally, HelloFresh offers an IOS and Android app, making it even easier to organize your forthcoming meal delivery. Moreover, you can use HelloFresh Promo Codes to avail of some amazing discounts!

#2. Gousto:

Along with HelloFresh, Gousto is perhaps the largest meal delivery service — and also one of the cheapest recipe box services. Each week, Gousto creates over 60 recipes, categorizing them as '10-Minute Meals', 'Prepped in 5', and even a selection of celebrity fitness instructor Joe Wicks' favorites. Once again, ingredients are precisely measured, and you can filter the recipes to locate ones that are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian.


SimplyCook is unique among meal subscription services in that, rather than receiving all of the ingredients, you receive only the 'flavor pots.' According to SimplyCook, these pots contain more than just herbs and spices; they have "special flavor blends" with up to 18 components. Thus, you should get a far stronger flavor than you would if you prepared your own dressing, sauce, or whatever else. When you select the recipes you wish to cook (there are hundreds – the majority of which have thousands of ratings), SimplyCook will also tell you how much of the remaining ingredients you will need.

#4. Mindful Chef:

As the name implies, one of the Mindful Chef's USPs is the company's commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Along with using organic and free-range products and offering a wide variety of vegan meal delivery alternatives, this recipe box company will contribute one meal to a kid in need for every box purchased. Additionally, Mindful Chef is one of the few meal delivery companies in the UK to offer one-person recipe boxes – ideal if you live alone or dislike cooking with your flatmates (although it is worth noting that cooking in bulk, particularly with our meal plan, is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money on food). Apart from recipe boxes, Mindful Chef also offers ready meal delivery bundles, all of which can be made in the microwave or oven in as little as eight minutes.

#5. Pasta Evangelists:

There are no prizes for guessing the specialty of Pasta Evangelists. However, as per customer reviews and word of mouth, it is every bit as delectable as you could wish for. Each week, Pasta Evangelists serves a selection of about a dozen different dishes, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as some Italian sweets and starters. However, unlike other food subscription boxes, there is no restriction on the number of meals that can be added to a single order.

This may seem wasteful, but Pasta Evangelists' dinners can be frozen, allowing you to purchase several weeks' worth of delicious food at once if you enjoy the weekly specials. Pasta meals are a student favorite since they are inexpensive and simple to prepare. While this food delivery service is not inexpensive, the meals are likely the simplest to prepare of all the food box subscription services on this list. Pasta Evangelists also offers a student discount, which entitles you to 30% off your meal and a complimentary beverage.

#6. Feast Box:

If you are looking to enhance and broaden your culinary horizons and experiment with new recipes from around the world, Feast Box may be the perfect food subscription box for you. While the meat and vegetables in Feast Box's recipes are all obtained locally or nationally, this is not a collection of dull British dishes. The weekly menu contains delectable goodies from all four corners of the globe; however, it is safe to say that Asian foods dominate. And for those of you who like a glass of wine with dinner and are not content with whatever is on sale at your neighborhood grocery, Feast Box has another trick up its sleeve. Each meal includes a suggested bottle of wine that would go well with it, which you can quickly add to your basket along with your food.

Final Thoughts

It is a fact that recipe subscription services that bring fresh ingredients individually portioned for home cooking and delivered directly to your door have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are, without a doubt, a convenient way to prepare evening meals without having to arrange recipes or visit the grocery. And that too at the most reasonable subscription rates! Besides, don't forget to use HelloFresh Coupon Codes for reasonable bargains!

In short, a recipe box service ensures that you receive the exact amount of each ingredient required for each meal, as well as precise cooking instructions. Additionally, you can avail yourself of some amazing discounts, and you will frequently save more money with recipe boxes.


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