How To Execute Chicken Coop Plans? (Top 5 Coop Ideas)


Ela Lopez | Jun 20th 2022

Chicken Coop plans are designed but their execution takes a long time. Do you also try DIY, but fail miserably? Why struggle when Aosom Canada is at the rescue.

Your chickens definitely need a sturdy and an aerated coop. Would you like to suffocate in a place day and night? Similarly, your chicken houses must also be connected to a run for letting the tiny ones breathe, run, exercise, eat, and drink freely. When we think of DIY chicken coop plans, we end up committing mistakes. Plus, the additional cost increases the expense. So, if you think DIY coops are budget friendly and user-friendly, then you might be wrong. It is a myth! In most cases, either you end up preparing a budget-friendly coop or you end up making a highly comfortable and luxurious coop for your chickens.

Chicken Coop Plans For Better Usage

To limit the issue of choosing one out of the two things mentioned above, Aosom Canada has something for you. It has a wide range of chicken coops that fit in your budget list and aim to provide all the comfort. The initiative to provide pet supplies at an affordable price range is praiseworthy. Read the blog ahead to find out what designs they are offering, what is the best feature, what is the price, and so on.

PawHut- Synonym Of Comfort For Your Chickens

‘For A Comfortable Shelter’: PawHut 69" Chicken Coop

We appreciate your creative skills but dear friends, this design is exclusive. Expert craftsmen have created it. So, why not choose this one rather than sweating in the sun to construct one for your little friends? This premium chicken coop is all wooden, comfortable, and absolutely beautiful. Its asphalt roof protects the tiny creatures from sudden weather changes.

Specifications: Outdoor Run, Removable Tray, Waterproof Roof, Lockable Door.
Price: CA$279.99, before you miss this!

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‘For A Luxurious Living’: PawHut Deluxe Chicken Coop

Your little friends also need a luxurious stay. Remember how you shortlist hotels while you are on vacation? Or how do you shortlist your dream house before moving in? Also, whether it is furniture or fashion essentials or beauty materials, you aim to choose the best and the most affordable. So, why not do something similar for your little ones? This deluxe coop has a living room, nesting box, sliding door, and a run backyard. A home-sweet-home for your chickens, it is the most beautiful and luxurious place to be.

Specifications: Heavy wire runs for protection, waterproof roof, removable run, resting box with removable dividers, ramp, and a built-in window in this chicken coop design.
Price: CA$389.99, before you miss this golden opportunity!


‘Chicken Run For Freedom’: PawHut 84’’ Coop

Chirpy chickens running here and there, enjoying freedom. This is possible with 84’’ Coop by PawHut. It is otherwise difficult to see and bear little ones all exhausted and collapsing with each other. But this coop offers ample space and luxury at the same time.

Specifications: For chicken, ducks and small poultry, Waterproof paint for a premium finish, made from solid pine wood and steel wire, and multiple doors.
Price: CA$389.99 , before you skip savings time!

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‘For A Sturdy Living Space’: PawHut 79" Coop with Running Box

Fir Wood construction and waterproof varnish give it a beautiful look. Your backyard would look absolutely stunning with this coop. If this design was not in your Chicken Coop Plans, then what’s the use? Anyway, this would not have been possible because it is made with the help of professional craftsmen who work day and night for the execution of this plan.

Specifications: Nesting house for privacy, open roof, removable tray, multiple doors, running box for exercise and playing, along with the ladder.
Price: CA$389.99 before time slips away!


‘How About UV Protection?’: PawHut 224.5" Large Coop

Dear Sun, our chickens are going to stay safe from your harsh UV rays. You will not find UV Rays safe chicken coop designs everywhere! Not all tend to be completely UV rays safe. But this is the one!

Specifications: Suitable for chickens, rabbits, and ducks, rust-resistant metal frame, lockable, large size for other animals too.
Price: CA$629.99 only if you do not wish to skip the savings!

But Why Not Go For DIY Chicken Coop Plans?

Source: Aosom Canada

DIY Chicken Coop Ideas are good. We don’t want to break your hearts or limit your creativity. We do believe-

‘’Sky's The Limit.’’

But when it comes to keeping your chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other animals safe, for personal as well as professional usage, please do not experiment. Why would you want to spend your money and waste effort on something that doesn't solve your requirements? So, it is better to choose what saves money and on the other hand, makes you relaxed in the hectic lifestyle.

Why Choose PawHut Chicken Coop Designs?

There are multiple reasons to choose the coop plans executed by PawHut. Read those below-

Expert Craftsmanship

Building a coop by yourself requires time management, creativity, practicality, and seamless execution. Remember, it is not for your personal usage. So, you can’t let tiny animals suffer.

Source: Aosom Canada

Animals Requirements

PawHut Coops are designed by professional craftsmen keeping in mind- comfort, accessibility, temperature, interior requirements, eating and resting requirements, sturdiness, and predator attacks. If you still can balance all these things in one design, then you are good to go!


Source: Aosom Canada

All the specifications in one coop are impossible in the price range that is offered by PawHut. Even if you collect durable material like that of PawHut, you would end up spending more because you won’t get material in bulk. Plus, you might need additional help and do not forget to count transportation charges.

Savings Opportunities

Source: Aosom Canada

You can get exclusive saving options through pet essentials promo codes on CouponGini. This is not possible when you are stuck in the loop of DIY trends!

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Chicken Coop

Before buying a pet house for your little creatures, remember to keep some important things in mind.

  • List out the number of animals/chickens you wish to keep. Decide the size accordingly.
  • Decide the requirements according to the weather. If you have direct sunlight in your backyard, choose a UV Protection coop.
  • Think as per the cleaning requirements. Decide if you want removable trays and doors or not.
  • Compare the durability and usage of material before buying.
  • Compare the price. Always look for additional pet supplies coupon codes and deals before buying.
  • The first reaction is- why not DIY? So, before buying DIY material, please compare the costs and decide wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can CouponGini Help In Buying Chicken Coops?
A: CouponGini can help you avail exclusive pet supplies promo codes and deals that you can use while buying PawHut Chicken Coops from Aosom Canada.

Q: Why Not DIY Chicken Coop Designs?
A: It is better to buy than DIY Coops because animal shelters need expertise. The material must be durable and must fulfil all the requirements of the animals. DIY designs might not attain that level of professional craftsmanship. Plus, they might lack durability. So, coops are merely not all about beautiful DIY painting and making, they are ‘protection pet houses’ that need to be built without flaws.

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