Sustainable Fashion in 2022 and "The Wearpact Model"


Ela Lopez | Mar 2nd 2022

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy” -Emma Watson.

Sustainability is a hot topic these days in everything we do. The fashion industry is no different. The pandemic, raising awareness of climate change and devastating wildfires have left an enduring impact on us. Fashion is not only about looking good but also about sustainable clothing & green fashion.  Gone are the days when people used to flaunt their “crocodile leather bags” or “ a leopard fur jacket”. Environment-conscious consumers now want fashion to be good for the planet as well.

Considering this, many brands including some of the fashion giants have started to move towards sustainability and transparency in their products. Wearpact is one such brand. They are offering hundreds of sustainable fashion products to their customers, that too at great prices.

So, as the world is moving away from short-lived fashion, sustainable fashion practices are being adopted. We decided to share some hottest trends that are going to hit the world of sustainable fashion in 2022. From product passports to metaverse fashion, we have covered it all. So, let's get started.

Sustainable Textiles: “Less Polyester - More Bamboo”

Fast-changing collections of fast fashion companies have made fashion disposable.

The fashion industry is responsible for around 40 million tonnes of textile waste every year. Just imagine the impact on our environment for reproducing it. And the number of people that could get their clothes out of this waste?  

Therefore it becomes inevitable to use natural and recyclable textiles for sustainable fashion. Organic Bamboo, Organic Hemp, Cork, Modal, Lyocell are some sustainable alternatives for Leather, Polyester, and Acrylic. Using these materials will substantially reduce raw material exploitation and textile waste. Wearpact is following this religiously. Most of their products are made from natural, recyclable, and sustainable materials. So, don’t get surprised the next time you see a hemp t-shirt in your favourite fashion store instead of a polyester one.

Going Vocal for Local Like Wearpact in 2022

Sustainability is not only about what to produce, but “where” to produce as well. Ethical fashion incorporates environmentally friendly practices and fair trade. Local production in traditional family-owned companies is a perfect solution. This ensures ethical working conditions and reduces CO2 emissions as well. Moreover, it saves time and money on transport costs as well.

Wearpact is a sustainable fashion house that has already adopted these practices, and the number is increasing day by day. Especially after the production standstill and the logistical problems due to the pandemic, we can expect a substantial increase in the local production of fashion products.

Eco-Friendly Packaging- Wearpact’s Innovative Strategy

Traditional packing methods like plastic bags, EPS.etc. are devastating for the environment. Do you know, it takes more than one thousand years for one plastic bag to decompose completely?  People are getting more and more aware of these things. That is the reason most companies are adopting sustainable packaging and shipping practices for their products. Even more consumers are shifting towards eco-friendly gifts. Packaging materials like mailer envelopes and cardboard boxes are being used more than ever today. Eco-friendly brands like  Wearpact have adopted innovative strategies like “a give-back box” to promote sustainability. We can expect more popular brands to adopt similar strategies in 2022.

Metaverse Fashion

Unarguably the newest and quirkiest phenomenon of our times is the metaverse. The most common as well as the most unexpected things are happening on the metaverse today. The fashion industry is no exception. Fashion giants like Nike have already started to make their space in the metaverse. Recently it acquired a virtual shoe company RTFKT in the metaverse.

The virtual fashion industry is probably the best fashion trend in the contemporary world. Not only does it attract more people(especially the millennials) but it's perfect for making fashion more sustainable. Of course, it has its energy requirements but is more environmentally friendly than traditional fashion. There is no use of dyes, raw materials, water, fuel etc. So, fashion in the metaverse is surely one of the trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

Product Passports, Yes they exist !!

With an increase in the number of sustainable brands in the fashion industry, greenwashing campaigns are on a rise too. Many brands are falsely claiming their products and practices to be sustainable. But advanced technologies like product passports, and blockchain let us track and verify the certifications, production steps, and green initiatives for any brand.

Product passports store and share information relevant to both the consumers and production partners. It is a phenomenal way to verify sustainability and identify greenwashing, and counterfeits.

For building trust among the customers, sustainable fashion brands like Wearpact will be adopting product passports in 2022. So, don’t forget to look out for the product passports the next time you go out for a shopping spree.

Final thoughts on Sustainable Fashion In The End…

Sustainability is no longer an option, but the need of the hour for us. While considering the newbies of the fashion world in 2022, we can not help to hope that these trends become a reality. The future of the fashion industry depends upon how sustainable we can make it. Because trends will come and go, but sustainability is our future.


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