What Is The Best Way to Find Quality Clothing on AliExpress in (2022)?

Ela Lopez | Nov 28, 2021

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When it comes to shopping for online clothes, you can get thousands of choices at Aliexpress. It is an online shopping platform that deals with the latest clothing fashion for men, women, or kids. At present, Aliexpress offers its services around the world in more than 200 countries or regions. 

Aliexpress provides new users with some exciting Aliexpress discount coupons and Promo codes while shopping for clothes online at the lowest prices. Due to this reason, people find this website a more profitable platform for shopping for clothes. 

There are many popular brands which you can get different clothing styles and better quality. However, from the past few years, some people or new users have found it hard to find quality products that will last longer and offer you comfort in any way. With this blog, we have mentioned some ways to find quality clothing products on Aliexpress. 

Ways to find out the quality clothing products on Aliexpress

Here are some of the best ways to find high-quality Aliexpress products for men, women, and kids fashion:

1. Avoid Buying the Cheapest Product:

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It's not every time you order clothes at low prices, and it comes with good quality. Since we cannot touch or feel the quality of any product on online shopping apps, therefore low-price products may lack in the stuff or quality of the fabric. While you search for any product, you might have noticed that many suppliers provide the same product at different prices. 

Never fall for the low price of products, as there can be a difference in the quality. Always try to analyze the product before buying. You can go for social proof like reviews or ratings that the product is well-made or not. If you want a product at a low price, you can use Aliexpress discount coupons. 

2. Avoid selling trademarked and copyrighted products:

Well, Aliexpress deals with a wide range of products that make this website a great platform. However, one major drawback is people do sell fake or knockoff products there. If you are unsure about the product, whether it's a genuine product or not, it's better to contact a supplier. You can ask if the seller is authorized or not. However, if the seller is authorized, check out if you can resell copyright and trademark products. It will help you in avoiding any legal trouble in the future. 

3. Check the response rate of supplier on any product before buying:

You can avoid buying the product from a supplier with low response rates. Drop shippers should always evaluate a possible supplier's response time to protect their business and keep their clients pleased. This will assure you that when you decide to import things from them, you won't have any issues. One issue could be that a customer is unable to place a second order because their initial order was unsuccessful or not on time. Sending a message to your provider and seeing how quickly they react is a simple way to check their response time.

4. Go for reviews:

If people have bought any product from Aliexepress, they must have provided their reviews on the same. Therefore, checking out the customer review for any item or checking out the customer feedback like photos is one of the best ways to get quality products. You will need to check carefully the customer comments and the real images uploaded. It will help you to avoid any unnecessary or further troubles likewise, color difference, quality, or size issues. Do not pick the item that has less than four stars, do not forget to check the concerns and defects in the product. 

5. Pick a store with a high score:

The logic behind choosing a store with a high score is simple. The higher the score, the higher will be user satisfaction. At Aliexpress, you will get many products with good or poor quality, low prices, or best prices as well. But, if you want a better quality product, go to a store with a lot of visitors or ratings. More than 50,000 stylish, popular, and avant-garde fashion items are available on the internet. You can select the size, favored style, and material based on your search. If you think that these popular stores may have a high range of prices, you can use coupons for Aliexpress while purchasing clothes online. 

6. Use filters while shopping for clothes:

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After completing your research, you can apply filters for the results on the Aliexpress website. You can find this option on the left tab of the website. Use of this filter is highly recommended as it not only saves your time but shows you the products you are interested in. So, try to use the filters while shopping for online clothes. Other than selecting your category, you will also have options like choosing the right fabric, color, style, size, length, patterns, sleeve style, or many more. It will specifically show you the results with the best quality of the product you need.  

7. First check for the old samples of your products:

Another best thing you can do to get quality products is to buy the products by checking out the old samples. The best thing you can do is ask a supplier to buy a sample from them. By doing so, you can easily ensure the quality of the product in person and check if the quality is as per your standards. It will also help you to test how long it will take to arrive or ship any product at your location.


So, while shopping for clothes online from Aliexpress, make sure to analyze all the factors mentioned above. It will definitely help you find quality clothes on Aliexpress. We hope that it will also help you from falling into any further trouble. If you want to shop for quality clothes at the lowest prices, you can get them by visiting CouponGini. Do not forget to apply coupons Aliexpress code while buying clothes online at Aliexpress.


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