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FAQ for Trezor

About Trezor

Trezor is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that was developed by SatoshiLabs in 2014. It is designed to provide users with a safe, secure and easy-to-use platform for storing their digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and numerous other altcoins. Trezor uses a Bank Grade Security system which utilizes advanced cryptography to ensure maximum security of the user’s funds.

Can you trust Trezor?

Absolutely! Trezor is one of the most trusted hardware wallets in the world and it has gained immense popularity due to its simple yet secure design. Your private keys are protected from hackers, malware or any other malicious attacks; all thanks to the state of art cryptography protocols used by Trezjor.

What does a Trezor do?

Trezor hardware wallet enables users to securely store and manage their cryptocurrency assets without having to worry about being hacked or stolen. The device allows users to send, receive and store digital assets, as well as sign transactions in an offline environment. Trezor is also compatible with different wallets such as Mycelium, Electrum and MultiBit for additional security.

How much does Trezor cost?

The price of a Trezor varies depending on the model you choose. The original Model One costs around €89 while the newer Model T can be purchased for €159. You can buy these devices directly from the official website or through authorized retailers online.

Can Trezor hold any crypto?

Yes, Trezor supports many of the major coins in the cryptocurrency market. It can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and a variety of other altcoins. You can also use it to securely store ERC20 tokens and various other digital assets. In addition, you can use the device with your favorite wallets such as Mycelium or Electrum for added security. The developers are constantly working to add more features and support for new coins so that users can access their funds anytime anywhere.