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Still Searching For Coupon Codes On The Web?

Meet Coupongini Extension. An easy-to-use free Chrome extension that automatically hunts down coupons to get you exclusive deals and discounts.

5.0 ratings

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How does It work

Add to Chrome

You can add the Coupongini extension to Chrome with just a click. It takes seconds and is 100% free.

Shop like you do

No need to change the way you shop. Add products to the cart, while it searches for the available promo codes.

Let Coupongini do the magic!!

On finding the working codes, Coupongini will list down all of them, and you are free to choose the one you like.

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Half A Million Users, 3000+ Positive Reviews

5.0 ratings

Got shoes for my husband for $300, originally priced at $900 because of Coupongini. Still can’t believe that. It’s so easy to install, just a click, and you are done. Will definitely use it for buying more stuff. Thank you Coupongini!!!

profile-one-iconEmma James

Didn’t know finding deals, and discounts would be so easy. Just heard about Coupongini from a friend of mine, and added it to my browser. Now every time I shop, it automatically finds the best deals for me. A big thumbs up to you guys!!!!

Lucas_Harvey-iconLucas Harvey

Was trying to buy an Apple watch for me, but the price was too high. Thanks to Coupongini I got it at half the price. Just added it to my cart, and boom, the coupon was applied, and the price dropped to half. I'm in love with this. An essential for all shopping lovers.

Millie-Rose-iconMillie Rose